Ray Fisher

Training Director

Ray is FIT’s Training Director and Support Manager. Prior to joining FIT, he was a Project Manager for a supply chain consulting firm for 13 years where he used proven Human Performance technologies to achieve multiple successes on large retrofit projects of major warehouses. The integration of this technology allowed the work to be completed on time, on or under budget, with zero interruption in product delivery.

Ray derives considerable satisfaction from knowing that the concepts that he helps people understand and integrate into their lives will allow them to go home each day safely.

The majority of Ray’s role as the FIT AERO manager is to oversee the development and reach of this cutting-edge technology. Customers around the globe seek Ray out as an account manager and speaker due to his commitment to developing strong partnerships and his collaborative approach. He is a great listener which is reflected in the results he can achieve in the different facets of his role.

Ray is currently based in Concord, North Carolina and travels North America and other global locations to facilitate, coach, train and interact directly with customers.

Additional roles and responsibilities Include:

  • Consulting at manager, supervisor and worker levels
  • Involved in the initial development and deployment of AERO technologies
  • Trained to deliver FIT and AERO Manager, Advocate, Trainer Preparation, Trainer Certification and Awareness Workshops
  • Develops “Super Advocates” for clients to have their own internal consultants around the error reduction technologies
  • Maintains all FIT and AERO Materials
  • Has utilized concepts in a Project Management role to reduce safety and quality events on intricate and sophisticated cut-in of complex conveyor systems
  • Works closely with coaching teams to improve their AERO competency and to ensure service excellence
  • Holds a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) License
  • Worked on multiple different sophisticated aircraft systems while working for Lockheed Martin Skunkworks