Training Workshops

Senior Leadership Engagement

Overview: This 4-hour initial familiarization session covers human & organizational performance, human error basics, and integration of the concepts from a Senior Leader Perspective which allows leaders to begin using some of the tools and concepts immediately


  • Improve the understanding of the Leadership Team regarding Human & Organizational Performance science and application
  • Understand the systemic approach to error reduction related to safety, quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity
  • Understand the science of errors and how to prevent, mitigate or reduce their probability
  • Understand the mental models that increase error potential and vulnerabilities and how to deal with them
  • Understand the 3Ts (Traps, Triggers, and Tools) and how they impact errors
  • Understand the ties and differences between Human Error Reduction strategies and other Safety/Productivity improvement strategies
  • Understand what a typical deployment and integration of the concepts looks like
  • Be able to use the concepts when they walk out of the session to see and prevent errors differently

Duration & Delivery Format: 4 Hours – Classroom

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