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Do you know if human error is impacting your business? When you sign up for our virtual work safety classes, the team at Fisher Improvement Technologies is here to help you improve your health and safety procedures and reduce your risk of incident.

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Why FIT?

As a Native American- and veteran-owned business, FIT is committed to helping our clients improve their performance and develop an effective approach to the health and safety of your employees, customers, and business. From our recognized experts to our extensive experience training and mentoring management and workers, our team is here to help you with Human and Organizational Performance (HoP), Incident Analysis, and Procedure Excellence.


Virtual Coaching by Mr. Ian Collins

Through this coaching session with Ian Collins, you can work to uncover the potential of people, processes, and systems. With this understanding, you can work to prevent human error and catastrophic events at your business.


Online Root Cause Analysis Workshop

This self-paced workshop helps you identify the root cause of incidents that could impact your company. From there, you can work to develop effective action plans to reduce the risk of those incidents recurring.


Online Advanced Root Cause Analysis Workshop

Looking for an advanced approach to your root cause analysis of incidents? With our advanced, self-paced workshop, you can take a rigorous approach to identifying the root cause of incidents for your company. On top of that, you’ll learn the principles needed to create an effective leadership team for root cause analysis (RCA). With the help of our advanced workshop, you can develop a structured approach to help permanently reduce the risk of incident occurrence at your business.

Take the health and safety of your business and everyone involved to the next level with Fisher Improvement Technologies. Sign up for one of our virtual workshops or coaching sessions today!

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