Robservation #3- Is It Reasonable To Believe?

Hi, this is Rob Fisher with Fisher Improvement Technologies and welcome to Robservations. I’ve had several of these in the past and I wanted to take a minute to just chat about one that I see out there when people try to help others understand some of the techniques and technology behind what they’re trying to convey. Very often when these conversations happen one person is trying to convince another and they’re not really familiar with what the personality they’re trying to convince needs for information in order to be what I like to do is set forth something called, “Is it reasonable to believe?”.

Not 100%, not absolute, but can we agree on a standard today of talking about things that are “reasonable to believe” – Is it reasonable to believe that something exists, and we want to go pull some additional information? Is it reasonable to believe that different personalities may see and manage risk differently? That opens the door for the conversations and for the assessment of what you need to go look at to move forward. So I’d like to challenge you: think about using the terms and using the philosophy “Is it reasonable to believe?” in your conversations, especially when you’re trying to change what people think about something. Remember – intentional leadership starts with you.