Robservation 29 – How fast is too fast?

Hello followers and colleagues. I hope this finds you all staying well and using some of our time to reflect and energize for the future. This Robservation is difficult. I entitled it “how fast is too fast,” but it is more about the speed at which we try to manage risk, errors, and defenses.

I have been using the time in isolation during the pandemic to really study and watch what is going on in the safety world. My Robservation is that we may – yes, MAY be under-thinking risk in order to achieve the speeds that some people want. Here’s what I mean by that. I have friends, family members, and colleagues that are much younger than I am, and I try to learn every day from almost everyone I come in contact with. I have been a serial learner my whole life. So when we started doing things in 144 characters, I said – hmm – that sounds quick and to the point and started watching how people got their points across in a short space. It was interesting, but sometimes it seemed like when people made their point, there was not enough room for the WHY or the HOW. Once short videos started making the rounds, I noticed the same thing. The videos were quick and interesting, but somehow it felt like there was a void in the information. I don’t want to make this an “Okay Boomer” moment, but as I started listening to the younger generations, I heard things like “you have to make it quick for us, or we won’t pay attention” and “you have about 30 seconds to get my attention, or I am off to something else” or “if it isn’t creative, I lose interest pretty quickly.” The list goes on and on.

My Robservation is… Risk and error reduction may be more COMPLEX than can be shown, stated, or created in a quick and entertaining clip. I have been around long enough and have seen too many people hurt, maimed, and even killed because they misperceived the risk. I am not by any stretch blaming the individuals. It is the responsibility and obligation of the ORGANIZATION and SYSTEM to ensure there is an accurate identification, portrayal and, perception of the risk and how to manage it. I just don’t think that can be done in a few sets of 144 characters or a 30 second (or sometimes a 2-minute) video.

Please don’t let your desire to have things fast and entertaining overcome the need to accurately and effectively manage risk. People’s lives depend on it!

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