Robservation 27 – Using Personal Intervention as Leaders

We have been talking a lot recently about how leader language and behaviors shape an organizations’ ability to improve. I even heard a recent podcast that talked about how the organization in question had pushed HOP principles out to the field, but the leadership wasn’t actively engaged. That, by the way, is one of the Top 5 HOP deployment errors and has been for years. Those of you who know us well know that we at FIT don’t even engage beyond the initial Senior Leader contact unless the leaders show substantive changes in what they know, and what they do, related to deploying and integrating HOP concepts.

My Robservation is that without good tools and models, it is almost impossible to generate sustainable positive change in leaders that result in better outcomes. The leaders have to know the tools and the science behind them so that they can themselves start using them. One area where leaders need to shift their behaviors in almost every organization wanting to improve is the leader’s response to failure. We all know it is one of the tenets of HOP that Leader response to failure maters, but are you giving them the right models and tools to help them change their natural or long-time reactions into the appropriate responses?

One of the attributes of advanced error reduction is the tool of Personal Intervention. Now many people think that this is a worker-level tool (remember one of the Top 5 HOP Deployment errors?!?!?). But, it is a way for individuals at all levels of the organization to manage their personality tendencies. For individuals in leadership positions that have traditionally been very knee-jerk or reactionary, Personal Intervention provides a simple but effective way to turn that reaction into a conscious response. It is a tool that works to turn Ready-Fire-Aim into a better-conditioned RESPONSE that fits with a more just culture, fits with DOING safety differently, and deploying HOP RIGHT.

If you haven’t already, get on your mobile device and download the E-Colors app and take the personality diversity indicator. Once you get your report on your personality tendencies, e-colors, strengths, and potential limiters, start using that information to manage ready-fire-aim. Use Personal Intervention – pause and play, to turn your reactions into a good leader response to failure, and success!

Share your stories in the comments on how Personal Intervention has impacted YOUR results. Hit like and share this with your peers and leaders. And remember, intentional leadership starts with YOU.