Robservation # 14 – Individuals Seeing and Managing Risk

Hello and welcome to another Robservation

Over the last 5 years, we have been working with Equilibria, who have spent over a decade collecting and analyzing information on how different personalities see and manage risk. By analyzing over 600,000 data points, we know fairly precisely how individuals with different personality tendencies react to changes in the system in very predictable ways.

Our AERO Task-Based System is an interdependent system where individuals being aware of and managing their personality tendencies interact with people, programs, processes, work environment, organization, and equipment.

Using the AERO Task-Based system, we can describe how on any task at any time (at home, at work, or at play), an individual is surrounded by other people, programs, processes, work environment, organization, and equipment. The elements on the outside of the system, what we call “systemic drivers” are dynamic and impact each of the other elements when they change. They also impact the individual in the middle of the system.

The individual in the middle of the system will tend to react to changes in the system in very predictable ways, and along known personality tendency lines. Different people with different personality tendencies will tend to see risk coming from one area of the system that their personality tends to pay the most attention to naturally. This sometimes blinds them to risk that comes from elements of the system that they do not naturally pay attention to.

By understanding this, the individuals actively engaged in the task can intentionally look for risks that may come from places they do not naturally look for.

In other words, it is not enough to just be aware of the tendencies, but we also have to be able to MANAGE them. The team can also have a discussion in the pre-task briefing about how they will see and manage these risks as a team, increasing the probability that the risk will be effectively managed on the task. This reduces the probability that someone will get hurt, or that damage is done during the performance of the task.

My Robservation is, most organizations do not pay enough attention to personality tendencies as they pertain to how they manage risk. By paying attention to how individuals with different personalities see and manage risk differently, the outcomes improve and are more predictable for tasks related to safety, quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

You can find out more about how your personality deals with risk by downloading the E-Colors App onto your mobile device and taking a few minutes to Find out your E-Colors. Have your teammates and family do the same and start discovering how your personalities impact how you see things, and how you tend to react to changes in the system.

Please share some of the things you discover in the comments.

In the future, I will go a step further and give you a tool called Personal Intervention to help you manage your reactions and drive an intentional response.

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