Reduce Workplace Injury with 4 Steps

Employee injuries can be devastating for businesses, especially small businesses. While worker’s compensation insurance will be able to take care of medical costs for the employee, your business will have to absorb costs for lost productivity, training replacement, and more.

The best way to minimize the cost of workplace injuries is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Follow the steps below to reduce the risk of injury in your workplace.

Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT) provides virtual coaching and online root cause analysis workshops to help you improve workplace safety and health.

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#1: Mitigate Hazards

What equipment, practices, or infrastructure are hazardous on your work site or in your office? Start by identifying the areas that aren’t safe enough, and develop a strategy of dealing with it before it becomes a problem. The easiest way to handle hazards is to remove them, fix them, or replace them


#2: Implement Training

Training employees about safety hazards, even if it’s just a refresher, can make a big difference. FIT can help educate leadership, managers, and employees on how to deal with hazards.


#3: Engage All Employees & Management

Everyone should be aware of workplace safety procedures. Businesses are most successful at improving workplace safety when leadership and employees collaborate. Everyone is responsible for implementing and maintaining a safe work environment.


#4: Analyze Workplace Operations

Examine how your workplace operates in the nitty-gritty details from the ground up. Review all equipment, talk to employees about any safety concerns they have, and get a clear picture of the risks your business faces.

Create a Safer Workplace

Fisher Improvement Technologies provides training, coaching, facilitation, assessment, and other critical support for improving workplace safety and employee performance. Let us help you conduct a depth analysis of problems and build a robust strategy for optimally mitigating workplace hazards.

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