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Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT) provides a holistic spectrum of free content to help your organizations and individuals immediately improve performance. FIT is dedicated to consistently adding new free content to FIT online as well as online training courses and virtual instructor-led workshops.

FIT Online provides an opportunity for networking and professional development, giving users direct access to globally recognized mentors and consultants. Use FIT Online’s message boards to ask your questions, share knowledge, network, and make suggestions for new content. Do you represent a larger organization? Contact FIT directly to get help developing a larger organizational performance program deployment. We will customize an approach tailored for your needs.

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4 Ways FIT Can Help


#1: Error Reduction

FIT integrates Advanced Human Performance methods complemented with Personality Tendency Management techniques and supported by software solutions to achieve measurable improvements in performance and deliver sustainable results.


#2: Cause Analysis

Our basic cause analysis workshop teaches you a structured approach to problem-solving incidents and challenges in your company. You will learn key scientific terms relevant for cause analysis, how to assess the incident, and how to identify the correct plan of action in response to it.


#3: Written Guidance

Our written guidance online training course equips you with the knowledge and skills that enable designing and performing more efficient and effective processes that result in better workplace performance.


#4: Knowledge Sharing & Networking

Use FIT Online’s message boards to ask your questions, share knowledge, network, and make suggestions for new content


“We used the science and techniques presented in this workshop to restart 2 plants after they had been curtailed. It was the first time in over 50 years we had done a restart with no serious injuries and completed on time. We also saved almost $30M over previous restarts using these techniques. We just wanted to say THANKS from all of us.”

― A quality director and a safety director

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