Essential Leadership Cycle Podcast – Episode 10

Welcome to episode 10 of the ELC podcast. I am your host and intentional leader, Rob Fisher, coming to you from the Studios in the FIT Center for Excellence, here in Concord, NC!

In the last episode, we described the last attribute of the ELC – Learning and continuous improvement. I hope listeners immediately used some of the recommendations at the end of the podcast to start making changes in their intentional leadership. By now, you should have downloaded the E-Colors app and are using that information to manage your strengths and potential limiters in your day-to-day interactions. In this episode, I am going to review and re-wrap the Essential Leadership Cycle and discuss how leaders can use it. Self and Team Awareness, Shared Vision and Values, Clear Roles and Processes. These are the DRIVING elements.

Trust, Diversity and Inclusion, Commitment, Accountability, Learning and Continuous Improvement. These are the resultant conditions – they are SYMPTOMS and outcomes.

Start to look at things from a driving element versus resultant condition perspective IF leaders use a model like the Essential Leadership Cycle – then they can get the workforce to understand and use models like the task-based system, performance modes, traps, and triggers. If the leaders use a process – then they can get the workforce to use processes and procedures. And if leaders understand and use the concepts and science, then they can get the workforce to use the concepts and science. And the opposite its also true – if leaders don’t do these things with intentionality, then it is a tough road to get the workforce to use these things that you are trying to provide to make their lives better and safer and the organization more effective at its mission and more resilient.So what can you do? Get a copy of the Essential Leadership Cycle and carry it around with you either electronically or physically. Focus on the driving elements of self and team awareness, shared vision and values and clear roles and processes any time you are looking for improvement or learning Continue to listen to the ELC podcast for more details on how you can improve your company and life. Until next time…this has been your host, Rob Fisher. Thanks for listening, and, remember Intentional Leadership starts with YOU!