Essential Leadership Cycle Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to the Essential Leadership Cycle podcast. I am your host and intentional leader, Rob Fisher, President and Director of Operations for Fisher Improvement Technologies. We have spent the last 25 years helping organizations and individuals. The Essential Leadership Cycle podcast is here to provide leaders information, insights, methods, and tools to ensure a highly reliable, sustainable, and resilient organization. Most of the podcasts will contain a story and then some things for leaders to try on their own. We will also feature specials guests to share their experiences.

I have been involved with discussions, mentoring, coaching and consulting to everyone from New York major international CEOs and board members to first-line supervisors and field workers and everyone in between. I want to expose leaders to characteristics of intentional leadership that we have developed based on over 250 deployments and 100 major companies in 40 countries and 10 languages. The Essential Leadership Cycle podcast is an opportunity for leaders to hear how they can use intentional leadership concepts to improve performance using HP, HOP, Quality, LEAN, Safety Differently, and Advanced Error Reduction. FIT has had more than 250,000 students globally, and our personality diversity partners in Equilibria have over 600,000 data points related to how individuals with different personalities see and manage risk. As one of the original developers of the practical application of human performance, or HOP principles and tools, I bring a unique perspective on where human error reduction and performance improvement started, where it has been and where it is going.I always knew that personality has something to do with how organizations and individuals see and manage risk, and over the years, I certified in most of the major personality trait profiles, MB, DISC, Robert Rohm, Florence Littauer… It wasn’t until Chevon San Juaquin Valley leadership introduced me to Lewis Senior, CEO of Equilibria, that we both saw that a combination of what we knew about human and organizational performance, and what they knew from personality diversity, tendencies and risk could be combined and integrated to improve the probability that leaders and the workforce will recognize and manage risk with lower vulnerabilities to the workforce, assets, and organization. We have now incorporated Equilibria’s eight essentials of leadership into the Essential Leadership Cycle as a way for leaders to understand their impact on performance improvement and what they can DO to ensure a positive impact. If you use models and systems, they will use models and systems.What to do today… start to change the way you talk about success and failure. Don’t ask why things happen – ask HOW they happen – then shut up and listen to what people say. See if you don’t start getting different information in different ways almost immediately.

Next time on the Essential Leadership Cycle podcast, we will visit the first attribute of the cycle – self and team awareness. This has been your host, Rob Fisher. Thanks for listening and, remember Intentional Leadership starts with YOU