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Discover FIT: Join The Upcoming Operational Excellence Conference

Join Fisher Improvement Technologies for our Operational Excellence Conference on January 17th and 18th, 2024! Designed for optimal networking opportunities with like-minded people who are currently deploying FIT technologies in operational excellence, safety, quality, and production.

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Why Join FIT’s Approach To Excellence

At Fisher Improvement Technologies (FIT), we operate with a holistic approach to Operational Excellence. The Operational Excellence Conference will help you work on your structure, equipment, processes and procedures, work environment, personnel knowledge, and capabilities so that you have the highest and safest possible levels of task performance. Our comprehensive approach will help you to identify and correct systemic weaknesses that may be inducing human errors and violations.

Since 2005, FIT has been helping organizations improve the safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and overall productivity of their operations. We offer our clients with the advanced workplace health and safety systems, training and education, and consulting services they need to achieve new heights in human and organizational performance, incident analysis, and procedure excellence. In our nearly two decades of experience, we have seen success stories that keep us motivated to continue in our passions for constantly improving our methods for our clients.

The key to our success? We view human and organizational performance as a journey, not a destination. Our conference is designed to help you navigate that journey towards success. Contact us today for more information on our services about how we can help you achieve operational excellence with our products and workshops.

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What To Expect

By attending our Operational Excellence Conference, you are setting your business up for well-rounded success. Here are some benefits of attending the conference with FIT:

  • Presentations from FIT clients on what has worked, what was challenging, and how they overcame those challenges

  • Presentations from FIT leaders and consultants on what is working with the recent developments in the HP, HOP, HF, AERO, and operational excellence spaces

  • Talk with FIT consultants to allow for deeper conversations related to deployment and integration

  • Learn why integration methods and processes are so beneficial for success

  • Obtain access to innovative tools and processes that FIT and our partners have developed

  • Gain an introduction and instruction on the library of FIT videos and other content that are available to your organization

  • Experience opportunities for advocates, super-advocates, and ambassadors to network with others in similar positions

Conference Details

The Operational Excellence Conference will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Charlotte Concord Golf Resort & Spa. FIT has reserved a hotel block for participants who would like to stay at the hotel for your convenience.

  • Dates: January 17th-18th, 2024

  • Times: 8:00 am- 4:00 pm

Hotel Address: 5400 John Q. Hammons Drive Northwest Concord, NC 28027

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Our Mission

At FIT, we are dedicated to providing consultation, mentoring, education, and proven technologies to help our clients safety, quality, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity within their organizations. Our mission is to help our clients achieve well-rounded optimal corporate performance. Companies utilizing FIT products and services have reported reducing fatalities and serious injuries to zero, substantially lowering error and event rates, and achieving excellent employee engagement.

Through our comprehensive offerings of organizational resources, online leadership workshops, and in-person conferences, Fisher Improvement Technologies is committed to help our clients reach sustainable success.

Experience the impact of well-organized leadership that FIT services and conferences can have within your company. Join us in North Carolina this upcoming January to unlock the leadership tools you need for a successful business, meet fellow FIT clients and members, and enjoy the beauty of North Carolina for the weekend! Enroll in the conference today!

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