Training Workshops

Cause Analysis Process Overview for Senior Leaders and Managers

Note – This course can be tailored to meet the client’s specific needs for manager education


Our 4-hour overview session equips Senior Leaders and Managers to understand and fulfill their key role in ensuring effective analyses are completed and optimal corrective action plans are implemented following incidents.


Topics include:

  • How and Why incidents occur, including the dominant role organizational issues play in driving human behaviors and equipment failures that produce incidents
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with cause analysis processes (Senior Leaders, Line Management, Issue Manager, Team Leader, Team Member)
  • Overview of cause analysis processes and tools (covers both Root Cause Analysis for Major Incidents & Limited Scope Cause Analysis for Minor Incidents)
  • Approaches for determining an incident’s broader ramifications (Extent of Condition & Extent of Cause)
  • Methods and tools for identifying corrective action plans capable of permanently reducing the risk of incident recurrence to acceptable levels (cost-effective surgical strikes, as opposed to inefficient shotgun approaches that attempt to address everything)
  • Critical-to-quality elements that approval authorities should look for when assessing cause analysis report adequacy
  • Validating the effectiveness of corrective action plans, once implemented

Duration and Delivery Format: 4 hours – Classroom

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